Sundays were made for afternoon naps.

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Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.

Walt Disney

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"when i see an empty throne,

i feel the urge to   s i t   o n   i t .”


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Hell yeah, I’m designing for AAW this year.

Step 1: Save that date.

Step 2: Pretend this image is a hot potato and share it all over the place.

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FRIENDLY REMINDER that walking on grass is the same as physically assaulting a human being!!! :) grass is a plant and therefore has life and feelings and should be treated with dignity and respect!!! :) also it is an EXTREME personal and cultural slight to those who identify as grasskin or other plantkin!!! if i ever see one of you in person and you’re walking on grass you will be unfollowed blocked and deleted from the internet!!! :) uwu :)))

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Nice try, Anna. ‘A’ for effort.

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when your fri ends say that their art isnt goo d


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That… Is not what I expected

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"the wildly regretful parent who accidentally cosplayed Doctor who"

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